Stacey & Michelle Accountability Bootcamp Partners About Us

Welcome to our first Accountability Bootcamp Blog post!


Thank you for coming on this journey with us! 

Our mission is to educate and help women reach their yearly goals by having accountability partners as well as education in a number of areas.  We bring in experts in various fields to educate our boot campers.

We wanted to start our first blog with some questions about us so you could get to know us a bit better. 

So here we go 10 questions with answers from both of us.

  1. How long have you know each other?

Stacey - We meet in college over 27 years ago, we both attended business administration with a major in marketing. I went on to do my BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with a major in Marketing and Small Business. We worked on a number of projects and presentations together and have been friends ever since.  Even though we choose different industry's we still both have always had a love for Entrepreneurship and marketing.

Michelle- Wow 27 years ago?!  


  1. How many business have you owned as an entrepreneur?

Stacey- My first business was at the age of 14 SK Rentals with my sister in Sask.  Since then I have owned three businesses.  Entered the professional world but being an entrepreneur was always in my blood.

Michelle - I’ve had a few businesses throughout my life.  My first business was a dog walking business at 10 years old!  I absolutely love being an entrepreneur. I currently have three successful businesses.


  1. What are your current goals you are working towards?

Stacey- My husband and I purchased a house that was built in 1981 almost four years ago and we have been renovating it ever since.  My main goal is to have the upstairs and my office completed before Dec 2020. Other goals include building my new business, house organization, self care and relationship building.

Michelle-I have a few GOALS I’m working on this past year.  Debt reduction was a top goal but one that I was scared to face.  Stacey finally convinced me to look at a monthly budget and start paying off debt (it took a lot of convincing as I was so ashamed of my debt).  More to come about my journey in upcoming social media posts.  Make sure you follow us on social! 


  1. Is your home organized?

Stacey - I would say it is 70% organized the Barber's are slowly getting to 100% which is one of my goals.  In putting in the systems we will teach in Accountability Bootcamp it makes such a difference in saving time and money being organized with systems. 

Michelle -My house is pretty close to being organized because I have a place for all of the things & proper systems in place!


  1. How are you at Budgeting?

Stacey- Well I have to say I have been budgeting since I was married at 23.  My husband was still in school we purchased a town home the year we got married and had two roommates to help pay the bills.  NOT the ideal newlywed situation but small sacrifices has allowed us to get to the financial point in life we are today. I have tried a number of different budget techniques over my lifetime and teach budgeting in our Bootcamp class. 

Michelle- Because I just started with my budget it’s a work in progress,  so many bad or unhealthy habits have been broken and I work on it every single day.


  1. What is your go to food when you are stressed and under pressure?

Stacey- Definitely chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! 

Michelle- I wish it was a 🥕 carrot but it’s not, I gravitate towards the salty chips.  I try not to have the chips in the house so I don’t eat them!


  1. What song do you use on your Power Hours at home?

Stacey - Push It - Song by Salt-N-Pepa

Michelle- I don’t really listen to music, weird I know! But I do love a great audiobook or podcast during my power hour.


  1. What is your favorite Past Time?

Stacey - Living in one of the most beautiful places in BC it is hard to pick only one as in the summer anything on the lake from Paddle boarding, boating and floating on Kal Lake as well as golfing (9 holes max).  In the winter skiing Silver Star Mountain and watching my son play hockey. 

Michelle- You can always find me exploring a new winery.  Need a recommendation, I’ve got you covered.  So many fabulous wineries in this part of the world!


  1. What would you take to a deserted Island?

Stacey - My accountability partner!  So we could figure out how to reach our goal of getting home to our families!

Michelle- I have taken many primitive skills courses in my day & can make a fire with a bow drill but maybe I should take flint and steel as a back up to make sure I can build a  🔥.


  1. What is your favorite type of holiday?

Stacey - A hot destination by the ocean, reading, relaxing, and exploring with my husband and eating at amazing restaurants!

Michelle- I have a bucket list of places to go before I die.  Places like Peru, Bali, India & Tihiti.  Also, if it has a beach I’m there.


Bonus Question- What is your favourite Okanagan Wine? 

Stacey - Grey Monk Pinot Auxerrois- Lake Country, BC (I am a white Girl)

Michelle- Hester Creek Estate Winery Merlot 2015 -Oliver, BC (I am a Red Girl)


Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!