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“Help arrived when I hired Stacey as an Organizer who de-cluttered my residence. I needed assistance to sort and place my belongings where I needed and take away many to good will when no longer useful to me. Simple! I sat in a comfortable place quietly saying: Yes! Or No, that can go! My organizer did the work! It is important to tell you how relieved and at peace I feel after a move to a new address! Sorting done! My world and new beginnings. Thank you, Stacey!”

Lorraine Robinson Age 91

"Stacey was instrumental in helping us identify a new e-commerce platform that would meet our challenging needs. Once we found the right platform, Stacey had our new website up and running in no time. We were able to transition smoothly to online sales with a website that is easy to maintain and keep current without ongoing support."

Dione Chambers, Executive Director

Okanagan Science Centre