Workshops/Speaking Engagements

Unlock new horizons with our engaging speaking and workshop sessions catered to seniors, corporate, non-profit, and organizational needs.

Seniors Workshops: Dive into the digital age with our Seniors Technology workshop. Simplify life with De-cluttering, Downsizing, and Estate Clearing, making space for memories.

Corporate Lunch and Learns: Enhance productivity with sessions on Goal Setting, Meal Planning, and Organization/De-cluttering. Find your balance with Self-Care and Personal Budgeting. Streamline your holidays with the Simplify Your Holiday Workshop.

Marketing and Leadership: From Social Media and Digital Marketing to Generational Buying and OKRs, our workshops provide the skills you need for success.

To book, contact Stacey at 250-503-8403. Embrace learning and growth today!

Seniors Topics

  • Seniors Technology
  • Seniors Estate Clearing
  • Seniors De-cluttering
  • Seniors Downsizing

Corporate/Non-Profit/Organizations Lunch and Learns

  • Meal Planning
  • Organization/De-cluttering
  • Goal Setting
  • Systems for Productivity
  • Self Care
  • Personal Budget
  • Simplify Your Holiday Workshop

Marketing/Digital Marketing/Leadership Topics

  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mastering Marketing Essentials
  • Shopify (e-commerce) 2 day build your own website
  • Generational Buying
  • Goal Setting OKR's
  • Custom Workshops Available