Social Media for Small Business

So today wanted to share a few items on my first blog for the small business side of Tamarack Tech.  Today we have three tips for social media, a fun fact and my option on likes and follows.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

No matter how long we have been on social media for our business we can always use a reminder of the three tips below. 

Digital Marketing

Tip #1

Make sure you have done at least one or two avatar's for your business to make sure you are spending your digital advertising dollars in the correct place and maximizing you ROI.


Tip #2

For all your social media posts you are doing make sure you are using good quality photos from a free provider such as Canva. A mix of professional photos and stock photos will give you business a more professional feel on Social Media.


Tip #3

Do you have a business Facebook account set up make sure you are not operating under a personal account? Also make sure you set up business manager in your business Facebook account.


Fun Fact of the Month 

A staggering 85% I am told of all video's watched are watched with no sound! Are you able to get your business message out on video with no sound?


Are you getting enough Like/follows?

So how may likes/follows should you be getting on your social media?
Not sure I have a correct answer on that one.
Everyone in social media will have a different answer on this topic.

My answer is not to worry about a number but the quality of the followers and likes. For example would you want 10,000 Instagram followers but only two of them are customers that purchase from you? Or would you want 100 followers of which 80 are customers that purchase from you?

So in my opinion when looking at if your social media is working you have to look at your ROI not the amount of followers or likes you are getting.

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